Combining Reforestation and Agriculture

In this example of an agroforest, "Juçara", a palm cultivated for its fruit and its appreciated palm-heart, is growing in the shadow of different trees, some of them producing timber, others fruits. 

What is Agroforestry?

Agroforestry is a cultivation system that merges trees and agriculture (crops or livestock), providing enhanced resiliency and a more productive and profitable use of the land compared to a monoculture system.
(Alexander Daniel, reNature)

Cocoa Production in agroforestry

Indigenous knowledge from central and south- america shows us that it's possible produce cocoa in a complexe system of bigger trees, shadowing the lower cocoa plants.

Example of agroforestry cocoa production

Reforestation has to be done right

If reforestation transforms biodiversity into huge monocultures, thats neither good for carbonstorage nor does't it protect the natural environment of endangered especies. 

Bibi van der Zee denounces how reforestation is done in an unsustainable way all over the planet. 

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