Reforestation trough agroforestry.

A climate - positive agriculture is possible. Let's make it happen.

Trees planted

2124, planted in agroforestry systems and nature reserves

Cultivated Agroforest

20.510 m2

Full-Time Employment

61 Month of employment in permanent positions


969 Supporters, including volunteers, smaller donations and even one fundation

We won’t be able to fight climate change if deforestation of the Brazilian rainforest continues. CO2 sink, global rain dispenser or biodiversity Hot- Spot: The Rainforest is of existential importance for global climate. 

In Brazil, there are huge territories that have been transformed from live- pulsating rainforests into abandoned savannah. Such a piece of land we want to buy and replant it with an agroforest. In an agroforest, several kinds of plants and trees form a diverse community. In other words: we’re going to plant a productive forest. Trough our project we want to prove that reforestation and agriculture doesn’t have to be seen as a contrast. Agroforestry makes possible a sustainable form of land-use and resolves the contradiction of environmental protection and fruitful farmland. In Brazil, there already exists a big agroforestry community, but influence of agro-business is stopping it from developing big scale flagship projects.

In 2017, greenhouse emissions in Europe still reached the incredible number of 4483.1 million tons. (link statistics-explained/pdfscache/1180.pdf) Across EU Member States in 2017, greenhouse gas emissions were the highest in Germany, followed by the United Kingdom and France. 

At the same time standard of living is much higher than in other continents, most of all those parts of the world that are already being hit by global warming effects. 

In other words: our wealth is prospering at the costs of the global south.

We feel ourself responsible to counter this structural injustice by using our privileges as europeans. 

The most effective way to slow down global warming is reforestation. (link could-save-the-climate.html)
In Brazil, it’s much cheaper to buy land and trees grow much faster than in Europe.
Governmental institutions are failing to act on climate crisis all around the planet. Using our Brazil-Europe connection we hope to soften this frightening trend. Help us!


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